Dayhike at Pico De Loro

It’s another long weekend for me last July so I booked myself and my colleague Mernie for a day hike   to Mt. Pico de Loro via Travel Factor. It says that this is good for beginners (like me) and expert climbers. We paid Php 1750/per person which includes van transportation to Cavite, snacks and ID lanyard.

Mernie and I travelled all the way down from Baguio last July 25 to Ortigas. Arrived in the meet up place (El Pueblo Mc Do) at 2 am July 26. Paid our taxi Php 105 from Cubao Terminal to El Pueblo Mc Do Ortigas. No time to sleep though but had time to take my late dinner and early breakfast. It was also nice to see my TF Indochina friends – Ate Melva and Ate Ruby who is also joining a day trek at Tarak Ridge Bataan. Such a small world, never thought I’ll be seeing them today. 🙂

Past 3am, we rode our van and drive our way to DENR Pico De Loro via Cavitex. We are a huge group, 20 mountaineers divided into two (2) vans. Arrived at 6am and took the mandatory group shot and some eat their breakfast.


At 6:30am, we started the trek. The trail is too muddy due to the recent typhoon Glenda. We had two groups now, the experts: who never had problems on the trails. Then the beginners or the “sweepers”, this is where I belong huhu! I actually slide on the mud so I’m the first climber covered with mud. But it’s not obvious on my pictures right! 🙂 12

After three (3) hours of trek, we finally arrived at the peak of the mountain. Unfortunately, it’s too foggy so can’t see the beautiful view. Had to eat lunch and take a rest for few minutes before heading to the monolith. It’s a difficult trail so I had to sit and slide my way up and down so I won’t trip. There are lots of insects at the top of the monolith so be sure to put anti-insect repellant lotion. Again, no view due to the fog. I didn’t continue to go up on the parrot’s beak since I was so scared. It’s so scary since all you can see if fog.

3 4 5

But our boys, who are the expert climbers went to climb the beak. I was so jealous to see them at the top.


At 1pm, we are now on our way down. We saw a lot of climbers coming who will be staying for the night at the peak. Just for today, 145 climbers went to Pico De Loro. Wow! I guess they really love the challenging trails. Should I go back to this place????

Going down the mountain, our team were divided into three (3) groups. The experts, probably they are now on the DENR wash site and taking some rest; the beautiful beginners with our Guide Tetet and the sweepers with Kuya Ron.

The trek going to the wash up site is only 30 minutes but we’ve been walking for 45 minutes and we are still far. That’s the time we knew that we were lost. We had to go back again. Luckily, we saw some climbers who is going out of the trail too and showed us the way. We were so scared that this might be an Enchanted Forest. I had goosebumps. Creepy huh! After another 30 minutes of walking, we are finally out of the forest. We saw Kuya Ron on the highway. The sweepers are on the DENR wash site already and we’ve been gone for almost an hour now so he had to go back to search for us. Thanks to Ate Aio, she is very observant and kept track on the time. She saves us from getting lost.


At 5pm, we are now on our way back to Manila. Arrive at SM Makati past 7pm to meet my sister. I’m so tired so need to stay in my sister’s house before travelling back to Baguio.



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