Funtastic Park, Subic

I saw my friend’s post in facebook that there is a new tourist attraction in subic. This is for kids and kids at heart who loves photo ops. So why not try it? Her pictures are so awesome.


So I went to Funtastic Park Subic last July 14 with my cousin Meyang, brother Boyet and her girlfriend Lalaine. Taxi fee from SBMA Gate to Corregidor Highway (location of Funtastic Park) is PHP 400. It’s so expensive, good thing there is L300 Taxi that will drive us up to the place at PHP 180. But the cheaper way to go there is via Bus going to Morong Gate at PHP 20/person. There is a bus every 30 minutes.

The entrance fee is PHP 250, however, they are on a rainy season sale so the fee went down to PHP 200. They have four (4) attractions: Enchanted Garden, Mirror Maze, Dark Room and the Trick Art Museum. The place is quite small but it took us three (3) hours to complete our tour/visit.

I enjoyed the trick art museum where we had to take lots of crazy pictures.


Mirror maze is a bit short but also enjoyed taking photos. Yeah, I know, I’m addicted in taking my pictures.


Enchanted Forest is a 3d house forest. You need to wear 3d eyeglasses to better appreciate the place.


Dark room, a bit boring. No ghost whatsoever inside. But it reminded us how important our eyes are. So better take care of it.


Overall, the entrance fee is enough for this place. It’s a fun place for family bonding. So come and visit this new place in Subic. 🙂


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