Hit me baby, one more time – BORACAY 2014

I never really thought that I’ll come back to Boracay. I usually save a lot of money to be able to go on a trip so I usually don’t go to places twice. I usually spent it to go somewhere else that I’ve never been to.  You know, trying to explore my country and the world with limited budget only. But since Mernie (my colleague) was able to get a good deal from Travel Online Philippens Travel Agency so I joined this trip to Boracay again. This time, I’m going there with friends and colleagues at work since the first trip I’m thirdwheeling with my sister and her boyfriend Nat. I paid PHP 6,750 ($150) for three (3) days and two (2) nights stay in Boracay. This includes our airfare from Manila to Kalibo & vice versa, airport transfer from Kalibo to Caticlan and  accomodation at La Carmela de Boracay with free breakfast. They also gave vouchers for free dinner at Villa De Oro, pizza at Red Coconut Beach Hotel and shakes from Jonah’s Fruitshake.

We were so excited to go on our Boracay trip. We took the 1am bus ride going down from Baguio to Manila. This is to avoid any delay due to the traffic in Manila. We arrived in Pasay terminal at 6am. Need to have our breakfast first so we went to the nearest Jollibee (a famous fastfood in the Philippines) from the airport.

Our flight was scheduled at 12:25pm but need to wait for another 30 minutes due to the congestion at Kalibo Airport. So we arrived in Kalibo at 2pm, then rode a bus going to Caticlan. It’s another 1 1/2 bus ride with nice views along the way. Then once you arrived in Caticlan Jetty Port, you need to pay php75 ($1.67) for the environment fee and php100 ($2.22) for the ferry fare. It’s just a 15mins boat ride from Caticlan to Boracay port.  Then another ride to go to Boracay Island beaches.

1 2


We arrived in La Carmela de Boracay (station 2) past 5pm.  We agreed that we will use of free dinner voucher at Villa de Oro which is just beside our hotel. But since the dinner is scheduled at 6pm, we took photos around the beach first. After dinner, watched the fire dancers before we change our outfit for the night. We stroll and walked from station 2 to station 1 (more than an hour walk) to see the beautiful island at night. It was a tiring but enjoyable first day. 4 5 6

2nd day: Adventure Day

Woke up at 6am for our free breakfast at La Carmela de Boracay. Since it’s a long holiday, there are lots of tourist so we had to fall in line to be able to get our breakfast. The food is OK, nothing extra special, just right for being free!


Our first activity is banana boat ride then parasailing. It’s now being done on the other side of the island. I’ve done this activity before in Boracay Island station 1. Anyway, it’s good for me since it’s a different view for me. I did this again since it’s a package tour for php 1500/pax ($34). This includes Island hopping.

8 9 10 11

We had to postpone the Island hopping since the available boat is so small. So we decided to do our ATV first. We paid for another php750/pax ($17) for this ride  — with free bike skyride and entrance to the trick art museum at Happy Dreamland. The bike skyride is so scary I want it to end ASAP. I was so scared  since I thought the bike might fall anytime. But we really enjoyed the trick art museum and took a lot of photos.

12 13

Then, it’s time for our ATV ride. I was so scared but when we started driving, wow! I love it!!! I think I’m ready to learn how to drive a car haha! Went to Ocean Tower  to have a 360 degree panoramic view of Boracay.

14 15 24

After our ATV, we need to go back and take our lunch at D Talipapa! We had seafoods for lunch!!!


Then a quick shower and change outfit for the Island Hopping. It was dark and late already so we had to go for snorkeling and visit Puka beach only.

17 18 19 22

After that, we decided to use our free voucher to eat Pizza at Red Coconut Bar. I think it was a wrong move since it’s not delicious. We should have tried the other restaurant.

Then another walk along the beach to experience the nightlife at Boracay. Had drinks at Tribal Cafe. Had a glass of Mango daquiri while listening to the acoustic sound. The search for the Epic burger begins! According to my English friend Lee, Epic burger is the best burger he have tasted so I should not miss it. Epic is not your ordinary restaurant, it turns into a disco house at night. Entrance is Php150 with free beer, standing only. VIP cost is php 8000 consumables ($178). But you can also go inside the disco house by just ordering your food outside. So we ordered the Epic Burger, Salad and Frozen Ice Tea.

Went back to the hotel at 2am. I really had a wonderful day and night today.


3rd day: Our last day to see the beautiful white sands of Boracay. Mernie and I decided to walk towards Boracay Station 1 to have our picture at the Grotto (at Willy’s rock). We took a lot of photos since there are lots of beautiful spot and took a dip on the beach. Did also our last minute shopping for our “pasalubong”. I just bought a ref magnet and shotglass for my family. I didn’t bother to buy a shirt since I bought one on my first trip already.

25 26

Then it’s time to go home! Such a short but enjoyable trip.

I would love to go back to Boracay again…for more party by the beach at night haha!








6 thoughts on “Hit me baby, one more time – BORACAY 2014

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  2. Nice post.. looks like you enjoy Boracay again and again 🙂 Like you i enjoy also my vacation in Boracay. from its powdery white sands, amazing sunset, delicious food and the different activities that will make your vacation more enjoyable and exciting 🙂 .and if you’re looking for a quite and nice place to stay..try this newly opened hotel, name The Orient Beach Boracay. The hotel has a modern architectural design and it’s just a 5mins ride away from Station 2/ D’Mall and 3mins ride away going Puka Beach by their complimentary shuttle sevice. plus they serve a delicious breakfast everyday.They have a great deal every season in different sites. you must check it out 🙂

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