Let it Go! Let it Go! at TACSIYAPO WALL!!!!

Mad? Angry? But can’t say and release it… All you have to do is go and visit this amazing place in Gerona, Tarlac.This will definitely help you release all those pain and angers that you’ve been holding on for a long time.

Tacsiyapo is the local word for P*tang Ina—the tagalog for son-of-a-bitch. Instead  bad mouthing the situation or the person you are mad at, the wall is the better venue. Here, you can buy ceramics plates and glass and throw them at the TACSIYAPO WALL. You can even purchase a television set to throw at the wall should you fancy doing so.

You can pass by this place when you go down from Baguio to Subic/Manila or vice versa (do not use TPLEX or SCTEX) since it’s located in Gerona Tarlac.


Here’s the video of us at Tacsiyapo, it’ in Tagalog though. 🙂

Then it’s time to eat at Isdaan. You can even feed the koi and take wonderful photos around the place.

DSC07344 DSC07374DSC07349 DSC07362 DSC07380DSC07370 DSC07371


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