Day 1 Blogging 101: who’s that girl?!?

Your not.your.ordinary.girl Roan is  just a simple girl who dreamed of travelling this wonderful world. Now, I’m making this dream a reality. Visiting one place at a time. 🙂

I used to keep all my travel photos on my computer. But during my Indochina trip last year, I met Shiela who is a blogger. I visited her blog and that inspired me to create my own blog to share all the wonderful experiences that I had during my travel. This also help me share the beauty of my own country – the Philippines. I hope this blog inspire people to see the beauty of our world. And this actually starts my addiction to travel. Unfortunately, I’m not born with a silver spoon so I need to work hard and save money for my trips.

Work hard but play harder.

Sorry! I’m not really good in writing blogs, that’s why I enrolled in Blogging 101. Hopefully, this will enhance my skills in writing. I’m currently working on writing my previous travels — but it’s taking me longer time as I’m trying to remember all the moments that had happen during my trip plus I have a regular day job. I still have eleven (11) major trips that I need to write. I hope I can finish before my next trip.

Feel free to give your thoughts and comments about my blog. 🙂


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