Day 4: Identify your Audience

I already said goodbye to the old me. The girl who is so afraid to go out of her comfort zone. So scared to see the beautiful  wonders of this world. With all the bad news that I heard and watched from the TV… It’s just scared me to death. I can’t even go to other places without my Mom at my side.

But I had this amazing opportunity to work in Baguio — which is  seven hours away from my hometown, Subic, via bus. With no relatives and just a few friends that I’ve met few years ago, I said to myself, why not give it a try. If I felt so lonely and scared, I’ll just go back to Subic and be with my family again.

The first few months is so tough…had to do all the things on my own. Need to cook food, go to grocery, clean my house and do all the dishes. I’m the laziest at home so you know the struggle that I had. I also need to do some effective budgeting to be able to pay my bills and save some money.

I’ve learned so many things about myself during this time. I never thought that I can be so tough and be an independent person that I am now. This also started my travel addiction. With all the hardwork at work, I still had time to enjoy it by visiting different places that I only see on TV and magazines. My Mom called me now her Dora the explorer. I may not have so many things to show off but I have so many treasured memories that I had during my travels.

This is my transformation — from a shy girl to an avid traveler.

I hope this blog will inspire people.

Don’t be afraid! You’ll find your inner strength and when you do, you’ll enjoy it!

“The world is at your fingertips, so take off on a travel adventure. Don’t keep procrastinating and putting this off – it’ll be harder to make time for travel as you get older.” – Business Insider


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