Why I Travel Alone?

The usual questions asked by my family, friends and boss when I travel are where I’m heading and who is with me? It’s easy to explain the place I’m about to visit and they get excited too. But once they heard that I’m travelling solo, they will have a questioning face and would ask why? So why do I travel alone? Here are the top three (3) reasons:

1. You get to know yourself more.

I travel alone to challenge and test myself on how strong and brave I am now. I was once this super dependent girl that can’t even go out to nearby  provinces or city here in the Philippines without my Mom or any friend to accompany. I’m so afraid to get lost and ask questions or directions from any stranger. But now, I really don’t care getting lost – I see it now as an opportunity to learn. What’s to do and not to do next time?

Travelling solo also gives you freedom. You can do all the things you want. No one will question you why you’re staying in a budget or luxurious hotel? Why you woke up late? Why you’re going on this place than this other place? No drama since you only think about yourself. You can do all your activities at your own pace. No need to rush.

It also boost my self esteem and confidence. How? By asking other people to take my outfit of the day (OOTD) photo without feeling awkward. I can still do my signature shot and crazy poses with a stranger. I love to collect  memories by capturing it in photos. And of course, I should be on those photos. I had to do this since I don’t usually bring tripod or monopod. I have this angle to look really nice in pictures 🙂 so I don’t really look good in selfies.

My Siliman University OOTD photo :-)

My Siliman University OOTD photo 🙂

2. You meet new and amazing people.

You get to meet people who have the same love for travel which can be your new friend. And if you’re lucky, they can be your perfect travel buddy. When I joined Travel Factor group tour, I instantly had a travel buddies for overseas trips. My first trip with them was Indochina last 2014 (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand), then China 2015 and next year 2016, we’re heading to Sri Lanka. This also gave me an idea to create my own blog or travel diary since Shiela and Melvin (TF travel buddies)  are bloggers. We are always updated with each other since we have a viber group — we get updates on seat sales, places to visit and planning for our new adventure. You will learn new travel ideas since they can share their past experiences.

Indochina TF Peeps - Grand Palace Thailand

Indochina TF Peeps – Grand Palace Thailand

Great Wall of China - March 2015

Great Wall of China – March 2015

Another special trip I had was the Tambaron Mindoro Beach Bumming experience where I met my new travel buddy from Manila – Bim. We both love taking pictures, explore new places and do exciting adventures. He’s really nice and easy to go with. I also learned many things about life from Tita Margie. She’s so nice, down to earth mom despite the fact that she’s rich. She let her kids experience a simple life.

with Bim and Tita Margie in Tambaron Island, Mindoro

with Bim and Tita Margie in Tambaron Island, Mindoro

Plus it’s easier to ask vacation leave now since it’s not your office barkada that you’re travelling with.

3. Get to know the place more.

When you travel alone, you read a lot of reviews about the place you’re about to visit. Your safety is still your number priority. You check how safe it is to go there. Any emergency numbers to keep. How people react to tourist? are they friendly and hospitable? what’s the weather forecast? You become well prepared on any untoward incident that might happen. You also become a keen observer and alert at all times.

You also learn other tourist spots that you can visit other than the famous destinations written in almost all tourist sites. In any places, I still believe that they are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. A special place that only the locals know.

Malabo Waterfalls, Negros Oriental.

Malabo Waterfalls, Negros Oriental.

Lake Danao - all for me. No other tourist :-)

Lake Danao – all for me. No other tourist 🙂

So there you go! Hope this will make you start and enjoy your solo travels! 🙂


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