Weekend Wanderer: Rizal – 10|3-4|,2015

My travel sissy “Bim” and I are now addicted to Instagram. We always look for  pictures from fellow travelers showing the beautiful views in our country. We saw a lots of posts about chasing waterfalls. So Bim and I decided that we will do a weekend trip to see the famous falls in Rizal province. But it turned out that there are more to see so it’s a weekend full of adventure.

I’m from Baguio so I need to travel down to Manila. I met Bim at Victory Cubao terminal and then walked to Jollibee Farmers where we eat our breakfast. Then rode FX for our 30 minutes ride  to Antipolo (fare Php 50/head).

We went straight to Antipolo Church to say a little prayer.


Then we rode a tricycle from here to Hinulugang Taktak Falls (fare Php 20/head). There is no entrance fee at Hinulugang Taktak. You can’t swim on the falls since there are some thrash around the falls. We saw some cleaning aides trying to clean the area. But you can actually swim at the pool which opens at 1pm. We asked the police/guard at the falls on how to get to the rest of the tourist spots in Antipolo. They said that these places are so far so it’s better to rent a tricycle. The tricycle will bring us to those spots and wait until we complete the tour.


We did what the guard says and rent a tricycle for Php 400 which brought us to Via Dolorosa, Inday Nelly Mystical Cave and Pinto Art Museum.

Via Dolorosa is a famous pilgrim site in Antipolo, opens every Fri, Sat & Sun – 7am to 4:30pm only. Although we went there on Saturday, the gates are lock and no guards. We tried to knock and wait for few minutes but no luck. So we just took some photos outside.


We went straight to Inday Nelly Mystical Cave; entrance fee is Php 50/head. I’ll be writing a separate blog on this. We finished our trek and caving here past lunch time.



finally, the mystical cross 🙂 

So we decided to go straight to Pinto Art Museum where we eat our lunch. We tried their best seller pasta and salad (Damage costs: Php 800 lunch for two).  By the way, entrance fee at Pinto Art Museum is Php 180/head. I’ll be writing a separate blogs on this too. We told our tricycle driver no need to wait for us since it will take us looonger hours to visit the museum.


So after we tour the place, we rode a new tricycle and fare fee is Php 50/head going to Loreland Resort where we stayed for the night. Also had a wonderful spa adventure at Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa (Damage costs: Php 2,850/head). Read more about it on a separate blog.


Enjoyed night swimming at Luljetta’s and morning swim at Loreland pools. I saw seven pools around Loreland and swam on most of the pools. Left the resort before noon and went to Antipolo town area for lunch (Jollibee again) before heading to Tanay, Rizal. We rode a jeepney from Antipolo to Tanay; fare is Php 34/head, 1 1/2 hr ride.

From there, we rented a tricycle that will take us to the different tourist spots in Tanay (Php 600 – 2 persons). Not sure if the costs will increase if there are more passengers. Just try to negotiate to get better price.

Our first stop is Daranak Falls (Entrance Fee is Php 50/head). But since it was raining, swimming is not allowed. So we just settle in taking some photos.


Then went straight to Calinawan Cave. It was a bumpy ride from the falls to the cave. Bim put his wallet on his pocket and when we reached the cave, he found out that he just lost his wallet. Our tricycle driver is so kind, he went back to check if he can still find Bim’s wallet while we continue on the caving tour. But sadly, he didn’t find it. 😦

For the caving, you need to hire a guide for the  tour, fee is Php 200, good for 10 persons plus entrance fee of Php 20/head. It took us almost an hour to tour the cave, as usual, photo addicts. Did you know that this has been a location for several movies like Dyesebel, Bonifacio and even Jackie Chan did a shoot on this cave? This is also where the Katipuneros held their meetings and when they go out, everthing is clear or “malinaw”. This is why it’s called Calinawan Cave. Plus the biggest number of tourists that went inside this cave is 1000 students, it took them 4 hours to complete this. Thanks to our guide for sharing all this fun facts.


After that, we went to the Grotto where you need to walk on the stairway.


Then off to Tanay Church. I’ve seen the church on the TV before since this is the place where they shoot the “Juan dela Cruz TV series”.  Unfortunately, I can’t go inside since I’m wearing a short plus there’s an on going mass.


Another amazing site to see is the old acacia tree which they turn into art. This truly shows how we preserve our history while showcasing Filipino artistry.


Our last stop is the Parola or Lighthouse. It’s closed but you can still go up, just do the Lupin moves. But from what I’ve heard from the guard, he will have the key soon so maybe it’s open now. From there, you’ll see the beauty of Laguna de Bay. We didn’t settle by just seeing it, we hired a boat – Php 100 so we can go around Laguna de Bay.



view from the lighthouse



Then off to Manila again (fare is Php 70/head, 2 hrs ride).

So, here’s the summary of our expenses (good for two):


Fare (Manila to Antipolo) – Php 100

Tricycle (Antipolo Church to Hinulugang Taktak falls) – Php 40

Rental Tricycle (around via Dolorosa, Mystical Cave & Pinto Art Museum) – Php 400

Mystical Cave Entrance Fee – Php 100

Pinto Art Museum Entrance Fee – Php 360

Lunch at Pinto Art Museum – Php 800

Tricycle (Pinto Art Museum to Loreland) – Php 100

Accomodation (Loreland Resort/ Luljetta’s Hanging Garden) – Php 5700

Total: Php 7,600 (without Accomodation & Lunch= Php 1,100)


Tricycle (Loreland to Antipolo) – Php 40

Jeepney ride (Antipolo to Tanay) – Php 78

Rental Tricycle – Php 600

Daranak Falls Entrance Fee – Php 100

Calinawan Cave Entrance Fee – Php 40

Calinawan Cave Guide Fee – Php 200

Laguna de Bay boat rental – Php 100

Fare (Tanay to Manila) – Php 140

Total:  Php 1,298

Hope this blog helps! 🙂


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