Antipolo’s Mystical Cave

If you will visit Antipolo Rizal, make sure not to miss the Mystical Cave of Inday Nelly.

You can reach the cave  by hiring a tricycle, make sure to let him wait for you. It’s hard to wait for a tricycle since this is not the usual path of public tricycle and jeepneys.

It was named Mystical Cave due to many religious and holy images inside the cave. It is also believed that the water drips inside the cave can heal people. It has 7 chambers but you can only visit until the 3rd chamber. Every Lenten Season or Holy week, many people visits this cave and put up some tents inside the cave. This place was also used by film makers for movies like Enkantadia, Pedro Penduko, Spirit Warriors, Dyesebel, Marina and Asian Treasures. Entrance Fee is Php 50.

During our visit last Oct 3, there’s no other visitor but us (Bim and I) due to the recent typhoon. We’re lucky since it’s not raining that time and the sun is out. We were greeted by our little guide. She told us to go up and see the Mystical Cross first before going inside the cave. She said that the view on top will show the whole Antipolo and nearby province.

The trail to the mystical Cross is a hard one for me since my shoes is not for hiking. Due to the typhoon, it’s a very muddy and rocky trail. I almost gave up and ask Bim to continue on his own. He went up and told me that we are almost at the top. So I decided to move on, take off my shoes and walk barefoot. I’m glad that Bim never give up and pushed me to complete the hike. We finally reached the cross and greeted by this magnificent view. It’s true that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.


After taking a lot of pictures, we went down to see what’s inside the Cave. But before that, I need to clean my muddy feet. This time, I’m wearing my hiking sandals now. Take a short rest and ready to explore the cave.

And we’re ready!



the wishing well, it’s too deep.


inside the mystical cave



the closet


trying to drink the holy water


spot the heart

We enjoyed our tour inside the cave, so many holy images. There’s a heart shape image where you can tell what your heart desires.  We really enjoyed our tour inside the cave. It took us more than 2 hours to complete the hike and tour – and we’re off to our next destination Pinto Art Museum.

October 03, 2015


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