Mt. Ulap

Mt Ulap is a new mountain getting a lot of attention from all hikers – newbie, seasoned hikers or hardcore hikers. You can enjoy the beauty by simply doing a dayhike. This was featured in Lakbay to Love movie of Solenn Heusaff and Dennis Trillo. So before it became congested and to cure my weekend boredom, I joined the hike of Trail Insanity (c/o Rox) and paid Php 500 for this trek inclusive of dinner plus side trip to Baguio. The fee is lower since I’ll just meet them here in Baguio since I live here. It doeszn’t matter if I have no friends on the trek. Travelling solo made me an independent, confident woman and at the same time, it gives me a chance to meet new friends.

I was so excited for this trip to have my instagram worthy photo at the famous Gungal rock. I woke up at 4am and met the group at 4:30 am at Loakan Airport Arc. We had to stop and wait for another participant at PMA. After few minutes, our group is complete and we’re on our way to Mt Ulap. We arrived past 5am at Ampucao National High School where you need to register and get your guide.

We started the hike at 5:30am and ended the hike by noon time traverse to Barangay Sta Fe. As usual, we are last to arrive the peak together with my new friends – Lher, Ruth and Emz. I enjoyed hiking with these three ladies since we always have time for photo op. We enjoyed the view and talk about a lot of things. Just like me and Bim, they met each other and became friends during a trip only. Then they became travel buddies.

Here’s my photo diary for this trek and some important information.


pls read 🙂


Trail Map


Team Mt. Ulap – Trail Insanity


let’s start the trek 🙂



ah! mornings like this ❤


sea of clouds



approaching Mt. Amabanao Paoay


view from Mt. Ambanao Paoay


twin mountains


trail to Mt. Gungal


the hills are alive 🙂


trail to Mt. Ulap


at Mt. Gungal


another breath taking view


finally, reached the top of Mt. Ulap


Going down 😦


Shower Time! for a fresher you 🙂

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Surviving Mt. Pinatubo

I was on my 4th grade  when Mt. Pinatubo erupted on June 1991. School was off early due to ashfall. Weather is not good at that time due to incoming typhoon. So the heavy rains brought sands. It’s raining sands, literally! My Dad and my Kuya  (older brother) had to go up the roof to remove the sands despite the heavy rains with lightning. We’ve seen some houses collapsed due to the heavy sands on the roof. So to avoid it, they had to remove the sands on the roof. Plus the earthquake that we felt every minute. Yes, every minute you can feel the ground shaking. It’s so scary especially that I still have a baby brother at that time. Days become nights! Can’t tell if it’s day already or still night! The skies were covered by dark smokes! Survival becomes tough! No water, electricity and food. We had to walk a thousand miles just to get relief goods. But I’m so thankful that my family survived this disaster! And after more than 20 years, I’m here to see the crater of Mt. Pinatubo who once killed hundreds of people and left billions of crops & properties covered in Lahar (volcanic mudflows). Some places until now are still covered with Lahar.

Mt. Pinatubo crater lake has become a top tourist spot in the Philippines. I’ve seen the worst but it’s time to see the beauty of it.

Before you can actually see the majestic crater lake, you need to ride a 4×4 truck for almost an hour then trek for another 1.5 hours. You can actually swim at the crater!

Make sure to stop and register at PDC Spa Town. Or you'll be stuck like us...

Make sure to stop and register at PDC Spa Town. Or you’ll be stuck like us…

start of our 4x4 ride

start of our 4×4 ride


DSC08819 DSC08806



stucked but I'm still happy

stucked but I’m still happy

getting ready to pull us out

getting ready to pull us out

while waiting for our ride

while waiting for our ride

pull it! :-)

pull it! 🙂

ok! hop on!!! ready to roll again :-)

ok! hop on!!! ready to roll again 🙂

Time to walk 🙂

3 4 5 6

ah finally...almost near the crater

ah finally…almost near the crater

the magnificent crater lake <3 :-)

the magnificent crater lake


After a long walk, need to freshen up…how? swimming at the crater!!!

quick rest before swimming to the crater lake

quick rest before swimming to the crater lake

at the Mt. Pinatubo crater lake

at the Mt. Pinatubo crater lake


time to swim... water is warm :-)

time to swim… water is warm 🙂

11 12

crazy girls...with Marj

crazy girls…with Marj

with my girls

with my girls

Who run the world? Girls!!!

Who run the world? Girls!!!


After a refreshing swim, it’s time to go home!


17 18 19

missed the hot volcano sand spa and mud pool.. we arrived past 5pm so it's closed already :-(

missed the hot volcano sand spa and mud pool.. we arrived past 5pm so it’s closed already 😦

dinner after as long trek

dinner after as long trek

Truly, Mt. Pinatubo is a nature’s way telling us that there’s beauty after destruction. But please, don’t explode again!

Memories from May 2012 Trip 🙂