Mis-Adventure in Cagayan Province

After being sick for two weeks and not able to join Bim on our Panay Trip, I’m finally feeling better and ready to go back to work. Unfortunately, when I was asking for my “fit to work” clearance from our Company Doctor, she told me wait for another two days. I can just to go work on December 1 (Tuesday) since Nov 30 (Monday) is a holiday. It’s another four days for me  not doing anything at home. Two weeks is already enough so I don’t need this extra four days, boredom is already killing me.

So I browsed the internet, facebook and look for any tours that I can join. Good thing, there’s a trip going to Cagayan Province via Lakbay Backpackers. It’s a Baguio travel agency so it means free ride from Baguio to our destination. Almost all the trips that I joined, meet up place is in Manila so I had to travel down from Baguio to Manila.

I always wanted to visit Cagayan to see Callao Cave and the famous Palaui Island (home for survivor US). Before the trip, the travel agency (May) texted me if we still wanted to proceed with the trip since it’s been raining in Cagayan which means big waves so it’s very hard to go island hopping. She told me that we are divided into three groups: group of friends from Manila, lovebirds from Baguio and solo girl from Baguio (that’s me). I told her that my decision will be based on the big group, if they cancel, then I’ll have to cancel also. Good thing, they decided to push with the trip. 🙂


The itinerary makes me so excited since it’s a three day full of activity – island hopping, trek to lighthouse, beach bumming and church visits. But unfortunately, the itinerary was not followed. Instead of 8hours drive from Manila to Cagayan, it took us 15 hours (arrived 3pm at Sta Ana Cagayan). I think the problem is that we only have one (1) driver, so we need to take lots of breaks/rest… safety first right.

It was raining so it’s not advisable to go to Palaui. Our Day 1 was used for travel and rest at Jotay’s resort. Good thing, they have swimming pool so I just did an underwater pictorial with Chamy and Harold (lovebirds from Baguio). We also went to see their market and bought some goodies for our island hopping  tomorrow.


won’t let our first day go to waste 🙂

After breakfast, it is now time to go island hopping. I’ve visited different islands – in and out of our country, but the boat ride to Palaui is the most scariest ride that I’ve ever did.

I’m glad that we made it alive! Thanks to our expert boatmen. 🙂


definitely, the scariest boat ride experience

It took us an hour to reach our first destination: Anguib Beach. It has fine sands and blue water. As always, took lots of pictures and enjoyed the beach.


vitamin SEA 🙂


the beautiful Anguib Beach


the gang…

Another one hour boat ride to our next destination: Palaui Island where we trek to Cape Engano Lighthouse.





Palaui is ❤





after an hour trek…finally reached the lighthouse



feels like home ❤


mandatory jump shot

Chamy and I wanted to see the hidden falls but the other big group doesn’t want to, so we moved to our next stop: Crododile Island.


can you spot the crocs? 🙂

After island hopping, it’s time to eat our late lunch at Nangaramoan Beach. We were surprised that we will be sleeping in one small room with no private toilet at Mar-pe’s Lodging and Cottages (Phone#09174767041). It’s not acceptable for a group of 10 people to sleep in a small room. So we decided to pay an added fee so we can have our private room. I think I added Php 600 pesos since it’s only the three (3) of us in our room – Chamy and her bf Harold; and me. Our coordinator Tosz and driver Roger slept inside the van only.



enjoying Nangaramoan Beach 🙂

It was agreed that we will leave the beach early so we can complete our remaining itinerary, but the big group was late so we left an hour late against our original plan.

We ate our breakfast first at Dodie’s Panciteria. This was featured by Rated K already for their famous pansit batil patung.


Then off to Callao Cave – yippee! This famous cave was featured on the movie of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo “The Mistress” wedding scene. Our guide told us that you can use this as venue for weddings. You just need to decorate it and pay Php 20 entrance fee for each guest. I was also surprised that this is not the only attraction on this cave. It has seven chambers but you can only go up to the 5th chamber. Here you will see different rock formations.


after 184 steps, we reached the entrance to the Callao Cave



say a little prayer for you 🙂


rock formations 🙂


lion’s head ❤

There’s so much more to do within Callao Cave like boating to falls. But due to time constraint, after spelunking, we went to visit the Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat.



During lunch time, Tosz found out that we already pass the other church. We had to go back to Sta Ana again to see it. But the team decided that we will just travel back to Manila since it’s gonna be another 13-15hours. It’s sad that I won’t be able to see the other churches but at least I was able to see one. It’s enough for me for this trip.

They need to drop the Manila peep first before going back to Baguio. So that means, I might be late for my work. Chamy and I decided to take a bus going to Baguio. We arrived in Tarlac at 3am and arrived in Baguio 6am. After power nap, I’m ready for work.

What do you think about this blog? Leave me a comment or email at roanguerrero@yahoo.com. Thank you! 🙂


My Tinipak River Trek

While browsing Facebook, I saw a post of Vagabond Pinas offering a trek to Tinipak River with side trip at Pillilia Windmills. Bim and I saw the windmills but never had a chance to see it up close during our Rizal … Continue reading

BCM: A Historical Tour

December means a long holiday…yipeee! It’s a perfect time to travel and explore a new place. Our first choice is to do a Bicolandia trip but due to recent typhoon, we had to look for another place. The next choice is Baler, we will be joining a tour but since no available tour on our selected dates and doing DIY for two is very expensive, we decided to cancel Baler also. So where did we go then?

Dec 27: Visited  the Unexplored Sisiman Lightless Lighthouse in Mariveles Bataan. 


view from the top of the Grotto


Mt. San Miguel


Sisiman Lightless Lighthouse


The Gang – Lei, Faye, Bim, Angel and Me 🙂

Dec 28: Should be our Intramuros trip but had to cancel since Lei  need to rest her knee. Perfect timing since I had to attend my cousin’s wedding at Crystal Beach San Narciso, Zambales

Dec 29: Walking Tour at Corregidor Island 



with my travel buddy “Lei”


Corregidor Lighthouse

Dec 30: National Museum and Luneta Park. It’s holiday so free entrance at National Museum. I can’t miss Luneta Park, need to visit our National Hero esp on this day. Thank you for this holiday! 🙂


Spolarium – Juan Luna


a portion of Berlin Wall


no photobomber Torre de Manila

Full blog per day trip on my historical trip will be available soon.

Weekend Wanderer: Rizal – 10|3-4|,2015

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Mystical Kabayan Trek ~ 9 |19-20|2015

I’m a fan of all the hikes of Ate Ibang and Ate Ruby – they are my Indochina buddies  who loves to hike beautiful mountains here and abroad. I always check their albums and so amazed on all their photos. While browsing, I saw an event hosted by Yabag Mountaineering group (liked by Ate Ibang) and  decided to join. I always wanted to do the Mystical Kabayan Tour based from the photos I saw from my Ate’s. I also like the itinerary posted but Yabag is known as a group not following their itinerary. Is that a good or bad thing? Well, I need to join to find out.

So I invited my travel sissy “Bim” and my colleague Lee. But when the event is near, Lee cancelled so it’s me and Bim who went to this trek. Tour fee is Php 3500 which includes transportation (Bus Manila to Baguio 2 way and 2 days rented Monster Jeepney – Baguio to Kabayan), Entrance Fees & Environmental Fees, Guides for the Lake tour and hike and 2 camp meals (Dinner and breakfast).  You can even rent tent from them just like what we did (paid Php 750 for 3 person tent). And since I’m from Baguio, the tour fee that I paid is less the Manila Baguio transportation which is Php 2600. I just wait and meet them at Victory Liner Terminal PNR Baguio.

We met new faces on this trek, Migs – owner of Yabag Mountaineering group, Cris – loves to do solo travel (we plan to do a trip together soon), Ate Lulu – trekker who will be hiking Mt Everest with Ate Ibang, and Jonalyn – a broken hearted soul who wants to mend her heart thru hiking…plus a lot more.


The beautiful Lake Tabeyo


” the Gang”

Before starting the trek, we ate breakfast at Good Taste. But since Bim and I are so “pasaway”, we went to Jollibee, eat breakfast and bought pack lunch.

The original itinerary says that we will be hiking Mt Timbac  (3rd highest in Luzon, 9th in the Philippines) but due to the recent typhoon Ineng which caused lots of landslides, the area is closed.

We visit Kabayan National Museum where we see a fire mummy. It’s so amazing how they do the mummification process.


at Kabayan Museum

The mummification began shortly after a person died where he would digest a very salty drink. After his death, his corpse was washed and set over a fire in a seated position, thus drying the fluids. Smoke from tobacco was blown into the mouth  to dry the body’s inside and internal organs.  Eventually, herbs were rubbed into the body. Mummified bodies are then placed in a coffin made of pinewood and laid to rest in rock shelters, natural caves or man made burial niches. The practice of that mummification ended when Spaniards colonized the Philippines in the 16th century.


Kabayan Fire Mummy

Then we proceed to Tinonchial Burial Cave where see more fire mummies.


off to Tinochol Burial Cave


more fire mummies


amazing Fire Mummies Burial Caves

We arrived at Lake Tabeyo at around 12 noon where we had our lunch. We just let the  Yabag boys to  set up the camps & tents. They are really organized and very fast in setting up the camps. We had few hours to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The weather is not too hot or too cold. This is a fun base camp since we have toilets and stores where we can buy coke. Yes, Bim and I are addicted to coke. I think we were able to drink two 1.5L coke for this tour.


nice set up Sir Migs


the great Mt. Tabayoc


our home for two days


kids playing…they have the coziest playground


lovin’ the view


beautiful Lake Tabeyo


off to our trek

We arrived  early since Mt Timbac is closed, it was agreed that we  will start the hike to the three (3) lakes. We were accompanied by our lady guides since the Yabag boys will stay and prepare our dinner. We just bring our trail food (snacks), waterproof jacket, hats and cameras. It’s a monkey trail so I need to bring light items only. We were also reminded to minimize noise while we explore the lakes. I guess they know how noisy I am. My friends in Baguio also told me to always call my name – “Uwi na Roan” since the place is enchanted. This is for me to avoid from getting lost.

We rode the monster jeep and bring us to the foot of Lake Ambulalacao. It was really nice to know the folklores behind the three lakes. According to our guide, some fishermen saw shooting stars going up and down from this lake so it was named Lake Ambulalacao. Sadly, we are not able to see the whole beauty of this lake since it was covered by fog.


yes, we’re here


Foggy Lake Ambulalacao

Before reaching the next lake, you will see a lot of beautiful picturesque view.


monkey trails

Next stop is Lake Letep Ngepos. The trail is muddy, you need to follow the guide’s trail since you might fall on the quicksand. It was believed that there was a young man who dive into it’s waters while holding a lit torch looking for treasures and the torch  didn’t die as he dived.


Lake Letep Ngepos


Lake Letep Ngepos


The last lake is Lake Incolos where I didn’t see any body of water. Our guide explained that we are actually on top of the lake. This explains why it felt like I’m sinking and my shoes are wet. We are also not allowed to do the jumpshot hehe!  Our guide told us that a crocodile lived on this lake but was killed by a fisherman. The lake was covered by the crocodiles blood turning this lake like this now — covered with grasses and thin layer of land. After hearing her story, I’m imagining  that a giant crocodile will appear and will try to eat us… alhough it will not succeed since we are the fastest sweepers haha!


Lake Incolos


We continued our trek to Junior Pulag.  No wonder it’s the junior Mt Pulag since it has the same grassy terrain and peak. We stayed for a few minutes to take some rest, share stories and laughs before we head back to campsite.


Dinner time. Time to drink some booze and learn more things about our new found friends.



ready to eat and sleep


Woke up early to see the beautiful view of Lake Tabeyo.



mornings like this…yes, please



Our guide teach us also on how to do carrot picking and proper way of cleaning carrots. Jonalyn and Bim have carrots for pasalubong already.


carrot picking


time to go home

Side trip to Opdas Cave where we see hundreds of skulls and bones. May they all rest in peace.


Wash up at a swimming pool. Sorry but I don’t know the name. Most of them took a swim while the three of us – Bim, Jonalyn and I sing our hearts out at the videoke. They all looked fresh after the swim while we look so sweaty..yikes! Don’t worry, I let Bim and Jonalyn  shower at my apartment. We did a quick tour at Oh My Gulay and had dinner at 50’s Diner. Met the Ulupong Mountaineers at Victory Liner while waiting for their bus ride to Manila. Happy to see Ate Ruby again 🙂


Day 1: Negros Oriental Eco Tour :-)

Despite the storm and me being alone on this trip, it didn’t stop me explore Negros Oriental.

I contacted several tour agency in Dumaguete but most of the tour package are beyond my budget. Good thing, I stumbled on the page of WPG Philcan Tours (http://philtraveltours.com). Their tour package is in USD but I still tried to contact them. To my surprise, Gord (owner) replied to me and he was very accommodating and willing to help me out on this trip with affordable budget. If you have plan to visit Negros Oriental, you can contact him via email – gord@traveltours.com or call him at 09154881914.

My guide – Kuya Jong2 pick me at the Gazeebo Pension House. We will be going to Dauin for snorkeling and Casaroro Falls via tricycle.

with Manong Tricycle driver

with Manong Tricycle driver

Unfortunately, due to the typhoon which brought big waves made it so impossible or difficult for me to go snorkeling. I’m a bit disappointed since I’m not able to see the fishes. 😦


overlooking Apo Island

overlooking Apo Island

no swimming! :-(

no swimming! 😦

After a few photo op, I told him that we can just go to Casaroro Falls. It will be difficult to go there via tricycle so we decided that I’ll just ride on his motorcycle. It’s not a big deal for me since I used to ride motorcycle with my brothers in Subic.

There are so many beautiful sights along the way so I can’t resist but to take some photos. I usually have more than 1000 photos on any of my trips. Am I addicted to photos? 🙂


At last, we’re here! There’s a stairs going down to Casaroro Falls. But to may dismay, I still can’t see the magnificent falls at the end of the stairs. You need to take the difficult (for me) trail and trek for another 20-30 minutes to see the falls. I didn’t push to do the trek since my guide is not familiar on the trail. So I was disappointed again….

14 16 21 IMG_3595

Seeing that I’m so disappointed, my guide told me that he’ll bring me to a better falls for free. So we went to see “MALABO FALLS” at Valencia. It is popularly known as Pulang Bato Falls due to the red color of its rocks. Locals say it is the presence of iron minerals that made the rocks turn red.

we're here!

we’re here!


Pulang Bato Falls

Pulang Bato Falls

I actually enjoyed my visit here since I had the chance to swim. Just a short walk from the entrance is the man-made stone-lined swimming lagoon that is fed by small ‘falls’ cascading down the walls surrounding the lagoon.

spot the mini me :-)

spot the mini me 🙂

Then if you go down, you’ll see the picnic area and another waterfalls where you can jump and dive.


swimming time

swimming time



And then the main waterfalls.


The way to Malabo Falls let’s you pass the highway where you can see some steam vents spewing out hot sulfuric smoke.


Then off to Tierra Alta Residential Resort. It felt like I was in Greece. I love their Greek inspired clubhouse & pavilion, lighthouse and lagoon type infinity swimming pool. I could live here! 🙂

18 19

It was a bad start but ended nicely.

When in Dumaguete

This should have been my Ultimate Beach Bumming Experience with Travel Factor (TF) – going to Dumaguete Apo Island and Siquijor. But since they had a small number of participants, they had to cancel this trip. Unfortunately, I already booked … Continue reading

Why I Travel Alone?

The usual questions asked by my family, friends and boss when I travel are where I’m heading and who is with me? It’s easy to explain the place I’m about to visit and they get excited too. But once they heard that I’m travelling solo, they will have a questioning face and would ask why? So why do I travel alone? Here are the top three (3) reasons:

1. You get to know yourself more.

I travel alone to challenge and test myself on how strong and brave I am now. I was once this super dependent girl that can’t even go out to nearby  provinces or city here in the Philippines without my Mom or any friend to accompany. I’m so afraid to get lost and ask questions or directions from any stranger. But now, I really don’t care getting lost – I see it now as an opportunity to learn. What’s to do and not to do next time?

Travelling solo also gives you freedom. You can do all the things you want. No one will question you why you’re staying in a budget or luxurious hotel? Why you woke up late? Why you’re going on this place than this other place? No drama since you only think about yourself. You can do all your activities at your own pace. No need to rush.

It also boost my self esteem and confidence. How? By asking other people to take my outfit of the day (OOTD) photo without feeling awkward. I can still do my signature shot and crazy poses with a stranger. I love to collect  memories by capturing it in photos. And of course, I should be on those photos. I had to do this since I don’t usually bring tripod or monopod. I have this angle to look really nice in pictures 🙂 so I don’t really look good in selfies.

My Siliman University OOTD photo :-)

My Siliman University OOTD photo 🙂

2. You meet new and amazing people.

You get to meet people who have the same love for travel which can be your new friend. And if you’re lucky, they can be your perfect travel buddy. When I joined Travel Factor group tour, I instantly had a travel buddies for overseas trips. My first trip with them was Indochina last 2014 (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand), then China 2015 and next year 2016, we’re heading to Sri Lanka. This also gave me an idea to create my own blog or travel diary since Shiela and Melvin (TF travel buddies)  are bloggers. We are always updated with each other since we have a viber group — we get updates on seat sales, places to visit and planning for our new adventure. You will learn new travel ideas since they can share their past experiences.

Indochina TF Peeps - Grand Palace Thailand

Indochina TF Peeps – Grand Palace Thailand

Great Wall of China - March 2015

Great Wall of China – March 2015

Another special trip I had was the Tambaron Mindoro Beach Bumming experience where I met my new travel buddy from Manila – Bim. We both love taking pictures, explore new places and do exciting adventures. He’s really nice and easy to go with. I also learned many things about life from Tita Margie. She’s so nice, down to earth mom despite the fact that she’s rich. She let her kids experience a simple life.

with Bim and Tita Margie in Tambaron Island, Mindoro

with Bim and Tita Margie in Tambaron Island, Mindoro

Plus it’s easier to ask vacation leave now since it’s not your office barkada that you’re travelling with.

3. Get to know the place more.

When you travel alone, you read a lot of reviews about the place you’re about to visit. Your safety is still your number priority. You check how safe it is to go there. Any emergency numbers to keep. How people react to tourist? are they friendly and hospitable? what’s the weather forecast? You become well prepared on any untoward incident that might happen. You also become a keen observer and alert at all times.

You also learn other tourist spots that you can visit other than the famous destinations written in almost all tourist sites. In any places, I still believe that they are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. A special place that only the locals know.

Malabo Waterfalls, Negros Oriental.

Malabo Waterfalls, Negros Oriental.

Lake Danao - all for me. No other tourist :-)

Lake Danao – all for me. No other tourist 🙂

So there you go! Hope this will make you start and enjoy your solo travels! 🙂

Day 19: Double and Rotation

Thanks for this assignment. Now I know how to rotate my photos. I just edit my day 18 assignment. 🙂

Double Flowers: Trumpets — does it smell good? You can see these around Baguio City.


…and then


Stand Tall, my dear! 🙂 Sagada Philippines ❤


..and then it become twin branches


I need some lights, make it two please…


and then sidewalk lights