Boracay 2009

Summer at Boracay, 2009.

This is my first domestic trip by plane in the Philippines. Thanks to Zest Air for the promo airfare, roundtrip for php 1500 ($38). Thanks to my sister Rossel who invited me join her and her boyfriend on this trip.

Instead of me being the photographer on this trip, it was Kuya Nat (Ate’s boyfie). Yeah, she’s my elder sister but she look younger than me. I’m used of those comments haha!




Guilly’s Island is the famous bar at this time. So went there with my sister’s colleagues from Sykes who arrived a day after we arrived in Boracay.

Went  to D Mall to try crepes, see the place  and put butterfly glitter tattoo on my back. 🙂

Boracay Pics 373


It was also my first time to do banana boat ride. It’s a wonderful experience, so afraid that the banana boat might tilt but it didn’t. We’re all wet due to the water splash. But who cares? We will still dip into the blue water of Boracay.

6 7 8

And, Parasailing with my sister! I’m not that fat yet so we’re dip into the water during our parasailing!

9 10



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